Treasure can be earned over time or bought with Diamonds. Opening a treasure results in the player receiving either a Titan Shard, Item Elixir, resources or other game effects. There is just one type of treasure to open.


Timed Treasure Rewards

You earn a free treasure every 48 hours. You stop collecting treasures every 48 hours if you get 12 treasures and do not log in to collect them. This means that in order to collect all of your 48-hour treasures you must log in at least once every 24 days to collect them.

Purchased Treasures

These Treasures can only be bought with Diamonds.

Treasure Packages:

1 Treasure - 85 Diamonds

10 Treasure package – 765 Diamonds

Potential Treasures

Titan Shards: Shards to improve the rarity of any Titan you have unlocked in your Titan Tavern.

Item Elixir: Levels up Titan Items

Gold: Upgrades the Keep and Units

Stone: Upgrades Defenses

Titanite: Upgrades Titans

Diamonds: Up to 5000 Diamonds!

Additional Army Size: Permanently gain +1 Housing Space

Additional Wall: Permanently gain +1 max Wall

Additional Moat: Permanently gain +1 max Water

Boost Barracks: Gives you a Barracks boost for 1 hour