Attack Type Speed Attack Rate Range
Ground Melee 1.2 1.5s 0.9 tiles

For other stats like Damage and Health, see the pages for the different quality Titans below:

Tandcbrown Tandcgreen Tandcblue Tandcorange
Normal Tiny and Crank Rare Tiny and Crank Epic Tiny and Crank Legendary Tiny and Crank

Each Titan quality tier adds another ability slot. Normal Titans have 1, and Legendary Titans have all 4.

Rockbottom Blubber Squabble Clobber
Rock Bottom Blubber Squabble Clobber

Tiny and Crank's Items

KnightsHelm ExplodeaDeath BerserkerAxe
Knight's Helm Explode-a-Death Berserker Axe