Season Rankings last exactly one month and reset on the first of every month. Their purpose is to constantly keep gameplay fresh and exciting for both new and more experienced players. Seasons often coincide with new content and balance changes as well, which means that different strategies and tactics must be created for players to rise to the top of the ranks for that season.

Season Rewards

At the end of the season, players who are in the Masters or Grandmasters rankings receive rewards for their ranking. To check your rank and see if you are set to receive a reward at the end of the season click on your rank badge in the top left of your screen.

This will bring up a screen that looks something like this. It’s your “Your Rank” tab. If you are level 50 or lower your screen will look something like this. You better get to work because you won’t receive any Season rewards if you don’t rank up!

If you are above 50 then you are either a Master or Grandmaster and your screen will look something like this. The reward that you get is shown in the bottom middle of your screen. It also shows what you will receive if you get to the next rank by the season’s end!

Master ranks receive Gold as their reward. Grandmaster ranks receive Gold and Diamonds as their reward.

Rank Resets

At the start of the each Season, Master and Grandmaster ranks will be reset to the lowest Master Rank which is Wood 5. This reset does not affect your Buildings, Troops, or Titan progression! From there, everyone will compete to quickly climb the ladder and see who can be on top by the time next Season ends. Any player who is level 50 or lower is not a Master or Grandmaster, and their Ranks will not be reset. They can continue to climb their way up and won’t be affected by Season Rank resets.