Essence is an in-game currency used to finish timed tasks immediately.

When players first set up an account they begin with X Essence. Additional Essence gets made during play by your Essence Mill and stored in your Essence Storage.

Players cannot trade Essence with one another. Nor can they plunder Essence from one another as a result of battle.

Though they serve some similar functions in the game, Essence cannot be exchanged for Diamonds, nor vice versa.

Essence cannot be stolen in a raid.

Spending EssenceEdit

Essence can be used in several ways:

  • Instantly finish the Troop training queues in the Barracks

  • Instantly complete the construction or upgrade of Resources, Defenses, and Army buildings

  • Instantly finish Troop Research in the War Academy

  • Instantly awaken Titans

Making EssenceEdit

Essence is made by the Essence Mill and is stored by the Essence Storage:

  • A Level 1 Essence Mill makes 2 Essence per hour and can store 8. Every upgrade of your Essence Mill makes 2 additional Essence per hour and stores 8 more Essence, up to Level 5.

  • An Essence Mill can only be upgraded with Diamonds.

  • A Level 1 Essence Storage stores up to 20 Essence. Every upgrade of your Essence Storage increases its capacity by 15 additional Essence, up to Level 7. Essence Storage is upgrade with Stone.

Essence Mill ProductionEdit

Level Production per Hour Storage (essence)
1 2 8
2 4 16
3 6 24
4 8 32
5 10 40

Essence Storage CapacityEdit

Level Storage (essence)
1 20
2 35
3 50
4 65
5 80
6 95
7 110